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4 Powerful ways to speak up for yourself without feeling guilty!

This is for you if you want to discover how to:

• Confidently speak up with difficult people without feeling wrong or guilty.

• Stop compulsively pleasing your family, partner, boss or kids  with more ease and free yourself from the fear of disappointing others.

• Eliminate arguments in relationships by creating effective and comfortable ways to speak up so that people will listen. 

• Trust your decisions without second guessing yourself.

• Feel confident, comfortable and at peace with others.

This may not be for you if:

  • You have given into staying uncomfortable as a way of life.
  • You're happy with your current situation.
  • You are able to take charge of your life confidently.
  • You already know how to say 'no' and are darn good at it.

Most importantly I regained my energy and life back and healed myself after 10 years of chronic fatigue. My relationships with others felt easier and safer. My son and I actually began to have more fun together because I became more present with him. It no longer became my sole focus to consistently stand on my head for others.    I want this for you as well!

Through this journey, I’ve passionately dedicated hundreds of hours listening and understanding the 'root' issues of my clients and how to help them move past their current circumstances. I've helped parents to college students shift feelings of uncertainty and insecurity into feeling calm and confident in multiple areas of life. From healing depression, stress and anxiety to dealing with toxic family dynamics, learning to choosing healthier relationships and even feeling heard in the office. Through my process, they've comfortably learned to assert their voice and feel worthy, which is the greatest gift that I get to share and receive from my work! 

We all deserve to have a wonderfully gratifying life filled with true emotional freedom! You are just 1 step away from creating an incredible life that allows you to feel free, peaceful, confident! Can you imagine your possibilities if you could let go of the excuses?  

Are you finally ready to break free of expectations of others and begin to live a life that you can feel excited about? You don't have to figure this out on your own and I'm here to help you reclaim a life you deserve to love waking up to!